Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council delivers services to 440,000 residents in West Yorkshire.

Kirklees has worked with Govtech since 2010 to digitise and transform the Revenues and Benefits service.

In 2019, Kirklees worked with Govtech to enhance the capabilities of Govtech’s Universal Credit Digital Service (UCDS)

The aim was to reduce the workload associated with CTS administration and avoid the unnecessary production of amended Council Tax bills.

”Key to reducing workload and avoiding unnecessary amendments to Council Tax bills was a business decision by Kirklees to review CTS entitlement only 3 times a year, unless claimants incurred a “significant” change meanwhile.

UCDS parameters were extended and enhanced to fully support the concept of “significant changes”.

This has had a big impact on CTS administration workload and productivity

This has had a big impact on CTS administration workload and productivity, illustrated by what happened to a batch of LCTR Changes received by Kirklees over 1 week in November2019.

The batch contained 1,929 LCTR Notifications. When loaded straight into the Benefits system, these Notifications created 24,305 tasks.

The Results

When the same batch was routed through UCDS, however, 446 Notifications (23%) were removed, either because they were irrelevant to CTS, or because the information within contained no “significant changes” that would require CTS entitlement to be recalculated.

For audit purposes, PDF renditions of the removed Notifications were created, marked accordingly and automatically archived in the Document Management System.The remaining 1,483 Notifications were loaded and created 9,343 tasks in the Benefits system.”

In Summary

In summary, UCDS filtered out 23% of Notifications and created 62% fewer tasks. Further qualitative analysis, which can’t be tracked statistically, showed that the tasks Assessors were required to complete were at the simplest end of the scale, compared to the original workload.

It is therefore reasonable to assume that overall effort required to process the batch had been reduced by closer to three-quarters.


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