Small Landlord Form

In our experience who are the best people at telling you when a new tenant moves in or out of properties? Landlords. Why? Because they want to end their personal property tax liability as soon as they can.

How many calls, e-mails, notes do your staff take in each week from landlords? This is often  un-structured information or missing details or just lengthy to deal with. For example do they tell you if they know where someone’s moved to, probably not.

We sometimes work with revenues services who don’t realise how many landlord notifications come in via e-mail or the call centre because customer services intervene before the engagement reaches the back office!


Valuable Quick Win

That’s why offering a well-designed, simple quick on-line form makes sense, especially if you promote it as the single channel for reporting by landlords. Our form captures everything you need to know and then to make things even easier, we automate the processing of that information in Northgate.

Following submission, the landlord has the opportunity to print off a well-designed PDF which he can then use to notify any other third party such as utility providers.

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