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Moves – Into, Out of & Within your authority

This is another high volume transaction that your staff deal with but is also one of the more complex and time-consuming. Consequently, the automation of processing Moves using our online forms for your authority can provide you with the greatest benefits, freeing staff to focus on other critical tasks such as collection of aged debt.

The business case writes itself! If you’re not sure you should read our Kirklees case study.

‘But It can be very complicated…’

We know! Automating these processes was one of Govtech’s greatest development challenges. Working out the hundreds of potential scenarios and in what order the Northgate API’s needed to be run in each variation. It took us two years, but we did it. That is why over the last 12 months Govtech have processed over 270,000 moves for our customers. Imagine the saving that represents!

We aim to take everything into account, just as your assessors do.

  • Pre-Existing Pins
  • Existing Direct Debits
  • Pending benefit credits
  • Pending BACS payments
  • Households splitting up
  • Unoccupied Discounts
  • Requests for E-billing
  • Single Person Discounts
  • Assure intervention on certain accounts or properties
  • And much much more.

For all your customers, but especially those moving into the area, what better way to establish your reputation as a welcoming, modern, efficient authority, than to ensure the online experience is smooth and that the bill produced is accurate and received in an impressive two to three days.

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