Direct Debits

If you’re serious about digital engagement with your customers one of the easiest and most reliable services to transform is payment by Direct Debit. 32 percent of our automated transactions last year were DD related.

If you want your customers to pay by Direct Debit you need to make it as easy as possible for them to set up online.

Govtech’s Direct Debit form is both a standalone form, allowing citizens to set up or amend DD instructions, and an embedded addition to a wide variety of our other suite of forms such as our Move-In form or SPD request form. If someone is telling you they’re moving in, that’s the right time to invite them to pay by Direct Debit.

How do we ensure we get it right?

  • We confirm the Sort Code and Account are valid.
  • We validate the account to ensure we have the right liable party.
  • if you allow third parties to complete DD instructions we check the account number supplied is correct for the liable party.
  • We ensure your system is configured correctly for compliance with BACS code of practice, making sure such things as your BACS Originator number is configured correctly.
  • We provide the customer with a printable copy of their DD Mandate.
Sandwell UCDS Govtech

But What If…

There’s Summonsed Debt?

We only set up DD for Unsummonsed Debt – and if you’d like, we can send you a notice to remind you of the Summonsed Debt.

We offer a variety of payment plans?

No Problem, your forms can be configured to offer the same plans you currently offer, 12 or 10 Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly, Half Yearly. Just let us know.

We’re between Annual Billing & Rollover?

Again, don’t worry, webCAPTURE will determine which billing year to update.

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