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What is eCAPTURE?

eCAPTURE is Govtech’s digital process automation service for welfare applications such as Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction (CTR), Concessionary Travel, Blue Badge and Statutory Redundancy entitlements.

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What problem does the eCAPTURE service solve?

eCAPTURE delivers additional productivity from your existing resources. Currently you are paying highly skilled, expert staff, to spend a large portion of their day performing simple data entry tasks. We all know how big a Benefits Application can be and how long it takes to transfer the data into your Benefits System.

eCapture extracts the data supplied in Paper Form applications, Online Benefit and CTR Forms and LAID & LACI Forms and loads that data into your Revenues & Benefits system before your assessment officer even sees the case presented to them in your DMS or workflow system.

Not only do we load the data but we apply certain rules captured in a configuration workshop that determine what values we display, be it actual values, defaults or ‘Safe Values’ like £9999.99 preventing accidental payment prior to your staff formally assessing customer entitlement.

All cases are pre-loaded, allowing for expert assessment to be carried out. Our customers tell us they have staff who are currently able to assess three claims in the time it previously took them to assess two claims.

No ‘Robotics’, just very clever data capture and software engineering providing consistent, reliable results with a guaranteed quality that Govtech has become renowned for. With all your citizens and properties accurately matched to your existing database.

High performing authorities benefit from automating processes, reducing unnecessary customer contact, speeding up delivery of their service with maximum accuracy. That’s why you need eCAPTURE. We look forward to welcoming you to the Govtech family.