About Govtech

Govtech is a service company which uses its technology and expertise to deliver specified business outcomes in back-office systems. The IT industry calls what we do “Digital Process Automation and it is something Govtech has been doing successfully and intelligently for over a decade.

Founded in December 2005, Govtech is a trusted business and technology partner, automating digital transactions for councils collectively managing 4.5 million chargeable dwellings collecting over £10 Billion per annum in Council Tax and Business Rates income.

It differentiates itself from traditional licenced software vendors by doing things differently. Govtech’s customers focus on business outcomes and on exploiting the value realised by achieving these, rather than worrying about licensed software products and technology. Govtech uses its own technology to deliver those outcomes as a hosted service.

Performance is tracked and self-monitored by each council in accordance with an SLA. Govtech conducts Service Optimisation Reviews with each customer to analyse automation performance and identify local business rules and procedures which could be reviewed and changed to safely increase automation.

Service requests, including complex transactions with thousands of process steps, are fully automated and then archived in accordance with business rules or, where rules triggered intervention, classified as High, Medium or Low priority items and sent to work queues for attention. But your staff work only on items that require their expertise.

Based in the Cotswold market town of Cirencester, Govtech employs 40 permanent members of staff, many of whom walk or cycle to work, all of whom are here to provide a service that is recognised by its customers as being second to none.

eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE are the heart of a successful channel shift strategy. One that maximises front-end customer interaction as well as back-office integration and business outcomes.

We’re on the G-Cloud 10 Framework Agreement

Govtech is registered in Lot 2 – SAAS

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