Govtech is an IT Services company that does things differently.


We are experts in content capture and digital process automation.


As more citizens and businesses transact online, the integration of your web front end with your back-office systems is essential to drive returns on your investment in online self-service.


Our off-the-shelf, hosted eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE integration services help you to do that by joining up front and back-office systems, fully automating the processing of online transactions; from simple Direct Debits and Discount Applications to complex Changes of Address, Repayment Arrangements, Student Discount Verifications and Landlord Notifications.


We help councils to collect £10 Billion of Council Tax and Business Rates income and manage associated welfare entitlements more efficiently, whilst enhancing the service they provide to householders, landlords, students and businesses. We also help them to exploit data more effectively across their organisation by treating events such as changes of address, missed payments and variations in household composition as intervention triggers. 


Our customers buy our services to achieve business outcomes so we don’t license our products, or charge for day-to-day consultancy or Help Desk support; instead, we use our technology to deliver business outcomes as a service. That makes us different in the eyes of our customers.


“You really don’t need to worry about back-office integration and automation. The eCAPTURE and webCAPTURE services work extremely well. More important is to focus on cross-skilling, maintaining a flexible workforce and having a clear vision of what you want to achieve.”

David Walker, Head of Customer & Exchequer Services and Digital Services Project Lead, City of York Council

“webCAPTURE with auto-indexing is a game changer; webCAPTURE is sorting and prioritising interventions for us and archiving everything else, ensuring that we get to work immediately on anything that affects bills going out, or money coming in. We are now far more resilient and productive and, consequently, we have allocated more resources to recovery”.

Geraldine Goodwin, Revenues Manager, North Hertfordshire District Council

“We were keen to explore how we could reduce the amount of time spent on manual data input, so we worked up a business case on how channel shift and automation could help us achieve that. We looked at various suppliers, and whilst other products were cheaper on paper, we settled on Govtech’s webCAPTURE and eCAPTURE services, because they guaranteed an outcome.”


Anthony Derbyshire, Business Development Manager at Wakefield Council

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